Noble Russian And The Russians

Noble Russian And The Russians

Noble Russian And The Russians
pdf | 10.68 MB | English | Isbn:B07R91TN8W |
Author: Jack Arbor | PAge: 306 | Year: 2019


Friends are the family we chose for ourselves.

A man on a mission to save his family. A friend missing and presumed dead.

Max Austin is no stranger to mortal danger and hard decisions. But when the former KGB assassin is confronted by the choice to rescue a friend or save his family, he’ll have to dig deep to keep those he cares about alive.

Haunted by a mysterious shadow that dogs him at every turn, he journeys through the treacherous Turkish desert, the harsh confines of Washington, DC, and the dirty alleyways of Cyprus searching for clues from his past. Along the way, he finds himself a step behind his adversaries who are intent on eliminating Kate Shaw before she can reveal her secrets. This time, failure in Max’s quest will mean death for his friends and family alike.

Will he find Kate Shaw, or will this be Max’s last mission?

The Hunt is the gripping fourth installment in Jack Arbor’s Amazon bestselling series, The Russian Assassin, staring his stoic hero Max Austin. With a barreling pace, lovable characters, and unputdownable action, you’ll see why Arbor’s books sell like hotcakes and why readers clamor for more.

Buy The Hunt today to guarantee your ticket on a wild ride. As one reviewer said, “If you like Mitch Rap or Scot Harvath, this series is for you."

Note: Please read the series in this order for maximum enjoyment:

  • The Russian Assassin, published June 11, 2016
  • The Pursuit, published November 5, 2016
  • The Attack, published November 6, 2017
  • The Hunt, published April 29, 2019
  • The Abyss (coming in late 2019)
  • End Game (coming in early 2020)

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