Not Your Mother’s Casseroles, Revised and Expanded Edition

Not Your Mother's Casseroles, Revised and Expanded Edition

Not Your Mother’s Casseroles, Revised and Expanded Edition
epub | 26.24 MB | English | Isbn:1558328912 |
Author: Faith Durand | PAge: 355 | Year: 2017


The cookbook that brought casseroles into the 21st century is back with 25 glorious new recipes with Not Your Mother’s Casseroles Revised and Expanded Edition.
Simple, fresh, wholesome, and delicious, these one-dish meals fit the way we eat and live today. Author Faith Durand opens up a whole new world of casserole cookery with more than 225 recipes to suit every taste and lifestyle.
Canned vegetables, boxed cheese, condensed soups baked into a grey goop is a thing of the past! In this updated edition, Faith Durand brings together the simplicity of the one-pot meal with fresh and healthy ingredients to create casseroles that are decidedly "not your mother’s".
Not only will get inspired recipes like Lemon Brioche French Toast, Spicy Butternut Squash, and Strata with Bacon, but Faith has included modern interpretations of classics like Green Bean Casserole and Hearty Lasagna with Sausage….

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