Operating Systems 7th Edition

Operating Systems 7th Edition

Operating Systems 7th Edition
pdf | 6.76 MB | English | Isbn:978-1285096551 |
Author: William Stallings | PAge: 820 | Year: 2013


Now in its Seventh Edition, UNDERSTANDING OPERATING SYSTEMS continues to provide a clear and straightforward explanation of operating system theory and practice. As in previous editions, the book’s highly regarded structure begins with a discussion of fundamentals before moving on to specific operating systems. Fully updated, this new edition includes expanded analysis of the impact on operating systems of such innovations as multi-core processing and wireless technologies. Revised Research Topics in the exercise section encourage independent student research. The final four chapters have been updated to include information on current versions of UNIX (including the latest Macintosh OS), Linux, and Windows, and a new chapter on Android has been added.

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