Operation Gay Freedom – Noah Harris[epub]

Operation Gay Freedom - Noah Harris[epub]

Operation Gay Freedom – Noah Harris
epub | 285.14 KB | English | Isbn:B08R41F4XD |
Author: Noah Harris | PAge: 247 | Year: 2020


When a new terrorist group arises in North Africa, the head of the London based Office of Special Operations wastes no time. He sends his oldest agent and his youngest one to stop them.

Cassius Lee is a seasoned operative and an expert on the Middle East. He’s an empath who is in touch with everyone’s emotions except his own. That includes Marco’s.

Marco Corsini is a talented linguist and a university dropout nervous about his first mission. He can learn a new language in days and is already fluent in at least twenty. But is he cut out to be a spy?

On their new mission, the two agents have more to deal with than vicious haters bent on smuggling bombs and people into Europe. Cassius, a newly out gay man, struggles with his feelings for his attractive young partner. While Marco yearns to be accepted and bring Cassius out of his shell.

Can love bloom as the bullets fly?

Meet the men of the Office of Special Operations as they search the medinas of Morocco and relax in the clubs of London. A romantic spy thriller with tough gay men and a touch of the paranormal!

Category:Bisexual Romance, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance

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