Orchids for Dummies

Orchids for Dummies

Orchids for Dummies
pdf | 8.63 MB | English | Isbn:B004DGJ8U0 |
Author: Steven A. Frowine | PAge: 298 | Year: 2007


Packed with photos, including 8 pages in full color

Color your world with orchids

Orchids are beautiful, fragrant, wonderfully varied, and surprisingly affordable. But aren’t they hard to grow at home? No! says orchid grower extraordinaire Steve Frowine. In this handy guide, he shows you step by step how to select the right orchids, keep them healthy, encourage blooms, and even propagate your own plants.

Discover how to:
* Select orchids that will thrive in your home
* Water, fertilize, repot, and propagate orchids
* Decipher complicated orchid names
* Get familiar with favorite orchid varieties
* Create spectacular orchid displays

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