Pico Consciousness In Four Dimensions

Pico Consciousness In Four Dimensions

Pico Consciousness In Four Dimensions
pdf | 29.32 MB | English | Isbn:B00UYCK478 |
Author: Richard M. Pico | PAge: 417 | Year: 2001


In a book that will profoundly alter the modern discourse on mind and influence the practice of neuromedicine, neurobiologist/neuropsychiatrist, Richard M. Pico unveils a revolutionary new approach to understanding consciousness that pinpoints its origins in the brain. Called “Biological Relativity,” the approach combines the laws of physics-especially Einstein’s laws of relativity-to the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, molecular biology, and computational theory to create a coherent four-dimensional model for explaining the origins of life and the emergence of complex biological systems-from the living cell to the thinking brain. In a fascinating, ambitious narrative that draws upon a lifetime of experimental and clinical work, Dr. Pico tells a riveting story that begins in the imponderably distant past, with the first proto-cell that endured long enough to become its own frame of reference-both structurally and temporally-and culminates with the most complex biological referent system known to science, the human brain. He then elaborates his groundbreaking theory through discussions of such things as the origins of language, music, and mathematics. He explains why he believes consciousness is uniquely human, and explores the causes and potential treatments for a variety of thought disorders.

Category:Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Evolution

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