Planar Graph Drawing-Nishizeki-Rahman

Planar Graph Drawing-Nishizeki-Rahman

Planar Graph Drawing-Nishizeki-Rahman
pdf | 16.54 MB | English | Isbn:978-9812560339 |
Author: Takao Nishizeki, Md. Saidur Rahman | PAge: 310 | Year: 2004


The book presents the important fundamental theorems and algorithms on planar graph drawing with easy-to-understand and constructive proofs. Extensively illustrated and with exercises included at the end of each chapter, it is suitable for use in advanced undergraduate and graduate level courses on algorithms, graph theory, graph drawing, information visualization and computational geometry. The book will also serve as a useful reference source for researchers in the field of graph drawing and software developers in information visualization, VLSI design and CAD.

Category:Computer Algorithms, Programming Algorithms, Computer Networking

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