Plasma Electronics Applications In Microelectronic Device Fabrication

Plasma Electronics Applications In Microelectronic Device Fabrication

Plasma Electronics Applications In Microelectronic Device Fabrication
pdf | 6.23 MB | English | Isbn:978-1138034150 |
Author: T Makabe and Z Petrovic | PAge: 336 | Year: 2016


Beyond enabling new capabilities, plasma-based techniques, characterized by quantum radicals of feed gases, hold the potential to enhance and improve many processes and applications. Following in the tradition of its popular predecessor, Plasma Electronics, Second Edition: Applications in Microelectronic Device Fabrication explains the fundamental physics and numerical methods required to bring these technologies from the laboratory to the factory.

Emphasizing computational algorithms and techniques, this updated edition of a popular monograph supplies a complete and up-to-date picture of plasma physics, computational methods, applications, and processing techniques. Reflecting the growing importance of computer-aided approaches to plasma analysis and synthesis, it showcases recent advances in fabrication from micro- and nano-electronics, MEMS/NEMS, and the biological sciences.

A helpful resource for anyone learning about collisional plasma structure, function, and applications, this edition reflects the latest progress in the quantitative understanding of non-equilibrium low-temperature plasma, surface processing, and predictive modeling of the plasma and the process. Filled with new figures, tables, problems, and exercises, it includes a new chapter on the development of atmospheric-pressure plasma, in particular microcell plasma, with a discussion of its practical application to improve surface efficiency.

The book provides an up-to-date discussion of MEMS fabrication and phase transition between capacitive and inductive modes in an inductively coupled plasma. In addition to new sections on the phase transition between the capacitive and inductive modes in an ICP and MOS-transistor and MEMS fabrications, the book presents a new discussion of heat transfer and heating of the media and the reactor.

Integrating physics, numerical methods, and practical applications, this bookequips you with the up-to-date understanding required to scale up lab breakthroughs into industrial innovations.

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