Podcasting for Dummies, 4th Edition

Podcasting for Dummies, 4th Edition

Podcasting for Dummies, 4th Edition
epub | 29.59 MB | English | Isbn:1119711819 |
Author: Tee Morris, Chuck Tomasi | PAge: 387 | Year: 2020


  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of podcasting
  • Produce unique content that attracts listeners
  • Build a studio that rivals pro podcasters

How to talk your way to the top
As more and more people turn to podcasts for entertainment, information, and education, the market for new players has never been bigger-or more competitive. And with corporations and A-list celebs moving in on the action, it’s more important than ever to know how to stand out from the crowd. Written by two podcasting veterans, this book gives you everything you need to launch a podcast. Get the insider info on how to produce quality audio (and even video), keep your content fresh, find your voice, and build an audience.

  • Building your podcasting studio
  • Developing your podcast theme
  • Conducting great interviews
  • Recording and editing episodes
  • Distributing your podcast
  • Adding sponsorships
  • Expanding your podcast consumption

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