Psilocybin Mushrooms – The Perfect Guidebook To Cultivation, Growing And Knowing T…

Psilocybin Mushrooms - The Perfect Guidebook To Cultivation, Growing And Knowing T...

Psilocybin Mushrooms – The Perfect Guidebook To Cultivation, Growing And Knowing The Magic Effects
epub | 1.32 MB | English | Isbn:B0886KDSMR |
Author: David Nature | PAge: 123 | Year: 2020


How to get in touch with psilocybin mushrooms even if you have not a green thumb?

Are you struggling with long and difficult manuals? 

This is not meant to last forever. According to a survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in the last years, 9.3% of people aged 18 years or older had used mushrooms at some point in their lives. You’ll probably be one of them. The average person tries, at the beginning, to get by with the information it finds spread on the web, but with low success and the danger of having side effects, like anxiety and panic. A global survey in 2014 found that Canada and the United States were the most common countries where users reported a bad trip on mushrooms. Almost 32% of Americans respondents said they had a very bad experience and 34% of Canadians reported the same. The exaggeration or misuse, as in everything in our lives, can do more harm than good. 

This book offers an answer for those who don’t believe how these mushrooms could drastically improve your well-being used in the proper way. Psilocybin and psilocin hallucinogenic compounds are found in more than 75 species of mushrooms that are native to tropical and subtropical areas of South America, Mexico, Europe and the United States. This demonstrates how much a correct knowledge is fundamental. They can be found everywhere!

Modern researchers state that they can help treat conditions such as headaches, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and so on. With step-by-step instructions for growing your own mushrooms, advice on the best ones to choose, tips and tricks to get easy access, even for beginners. This book opens a new and simple way of discovering their secrets. 

So if you’re new to this topic and underestimate the healing power of their properties, along with the taste you can enjoy from cooking them, this is the time to give them a try!
Here is a preview of what to expect inside this book:

  • An introduction to these particular Psilocybin Mushrooms
  • Historical background and why they have been used for thousands of years
  • Myths and legends: what is true and what is false
  • Mushroom varieties and their benefits
  • Nature’s perfect healer: how they are therapeutic
  • Last studies for the treatment of many diseases
  • Simple steps for growing mushrooms in your home 
  • Beginning and advancing techniques for their cultivation
  • Indoor and outdoor tricks
  • Must-know tips to be respected or to avoid
  • Helpful Hints for preparing mushrooms
  • Strategies to mass growing and business
  • Different approaches to pick wild mushrooms
  • Many Recipes to taste
  • And much more

Even if you have already discovered these “magic mushrooms” but you have fallen into plenty of misunderstanding and disoriented information, your confusion ends here. The author shows the keys of his knowledge in a clear and concise design: a complete book, well organized, where you find easily what you want, and in the order you wish as every chapter and topic are listed in the table of contents. Add a new natural method for your mental well-being and get in touch with the fantastic taste the mushrooms can provide, safely and reliably.

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