Psychological Management Of Stroke[pdf]

Psychological Management Of Stroke[pdf]

Psychological Management Of Stroke
pdf | 3.63 MB | English | Isbn:B006V87A08 |
Author:  | PAge: 617 | Year: 2011


Psychological Management of Stroke presents a review and synthesis of the current theory and data relating to the assessment, treatment, and psychological aspects of stroke.

  • Provides comprehensive reviews of evidence based practice relating to stroke
  • Written by clinical psychologists working in stroke services
  • Covers a broad range of psychological aspects, including fitness to drive, decision making, prevention of stroke, and involvement of carers and families
  • Reviews and synthesizes new data across a wide range of areas relevant to stroke and the assessment, treatment, and care of stroke survivors and their families
  • Represents a novel approach to the application of psychological theory and principles in the stroke field

Category:Strokes, Physiological Aspects in Psychology, Medical Physiological Aspects of Psychology

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