Python Programming – Learn Python in a Week and Master It

Python Programming - Learn Python in a Week and Master It
Python Programming – Learn Python in a Week and Master It
epub | 3.65 MB | English | Author :Academy, Computer Programming | B084DMXXMR | 2020

Book Description :

[size=”24″]Have you always wanted to learn computer programming[/size] but you are worried it will take too long? Or perhaps you know other programming languages and are interested in learning Python quickly?

Here’s the deal… As a beginner you might think that programming is complex… Learning a coding language can take months, and the possibility to give up before mastering it could be high. So, if you have a project to develop you could think on hiring a professional programmer to shorten the time. This may seem like a good solution but it is certainly very expensive and if the programmer you chose doesn’t perform a proper job you still have to pay for it.
The best solution is to follow a complete programming manual with hands-on projects and practical exercises. Computer Programming Academy structured this guide as a course with seven chapters for seven days and studied special exercises for each section to apply what you have learned step-by-step. This protocol, tested on both total beginners and people who were already familiar with coding, takes advantage of the principle of diving, concentrating learning in one week. The result of this method has been one for both categories of students: the content of the course was learned faster and remembered longer respect the average.

Inside this book, you will go through a first section in which fundamental and basic notions of programming are discussed, to get to the next chapters crafted specifically to help you learn advanced Python coding concepts required to develop web based programs and applications.
In the detail, you will learn:

  • What are the most widely used programming languages and why Python is considered the best of them to learn for a beginner
  • Mathematical and statistic basic concepts for code writing you can’t do without
  • The most common mistakes to avoid when you start programming
  • Step-by-step instructions to install required packages to set up a Python coding environment on your operating system
  • A proven strategy to write efficient and effective Python codes in less than a week
  • The 7 built-in functions to make your life easier while coding a software program
  • The program you need to develop your first own web based application
  • Tips and tricks that will help you take your coding skills to a next level (an entire chapter dedicated for those who want to take a step further)
  • Exercises and quizzes at the end of every chapter to review immediately what you’ve learned
  • Extra content that you will appreciate as curious technology enthusiast

Why is this book different? Most of the books on the market only take a brief look into the Python world, showing some of the topics but never going deep concretely. The best way to learn Python is by doing and with this manual you will work through applicable projects in order to solidify your knowledge and obtain a huge sense of achievement.
This is what this guide offers to you, even if you’re completely new to programming in 2020 or you are just looking to widen your skills as programmer.

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