Queerstoriesfrom00cherrich Bw

Queerstoriesfrom00cherrich Bw

Queerstoriesfrom00cherrich Bw
pdf | 7.07 MB | English | Isbn:B08DQBRHP5 |
Author: Chernilo, Capel | PAge: 240 | Year: 2020


An Insta-love Alpha Military Man and Curvy Woman Romance

With a grumble I stand up. Too much anxious energy was running through me, and honestly sitting next to him was distracting. It was like my skin turned to electricity when he brushed against me.

This had been a bad idea from the start and I knew it. We were going to go to the Wing Bar across the street, but Leon had caught me staring at the waitress at the diner. I couldn’t help it. She was fucking hot.

Sweet & Steamy short story insta-love romance with an alpha military hero and curvy woman with an HEA. NO cliffhangers.

Category:90-Minute Romance Short Reads, Military Romance, Contemporary Romance

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