Rachel Maddow – Lisa Rogak

Rachel Maddow - Lisa Rogak

Rachel Maddow – Lisa Rogak
epub | 10.32 MB | English | Isbn:B07SCRDFZN |
Author: Lisa Rogak | PAge: 267 | Year: 2020


The first biography of the most popular anchor in cable news.

Rachel Maddow has beaten the odds in a way that’s novel in today’s America: she uses her brain.
In a world of banal and opinionated soundbites, she regularly crushes Sean Hannity’s ratings thanks to her deeply researched reports. And in our highly polarized world, Maddow amiably engages the staunchest conservatives, while never hesitating to expose their light-on-facts defenses.
As a result, she’s become the top anchor for MSNBC and a beloved representative for all that progressive America holds dear. The news that Maddow was the first publicly-out lesbian to anchor a prime-time TV news show seemed almost anticlimactic to her millions of viewers, who will be surprised and intrigued by little-known details of her life, as written by New York Times bestselling biographer Lisa Rogak.
Growing up in a conservative California town – and viewing herself as a perennial…

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