Radical Classicism The Architecture of Quinlan Terry

Radical Classicism The Architecture of Quinlan Terry
Radical Classicism The Architecture of Quinlan Terry
pdf | 267.63 MB | English | Author :David Watkin | 978-0847828067 | 2006 | Rizzoli; 1st edition

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Often described as Prince Charles’s favorite architect, Quinlan Terry is at home in every traditional style, from Classical Greek to Roman, Gothic to Renaissance, and Baroque to Neo-classical. With intense new interest in classical design, there is a high demand for a compilation of Terry’s work, a volume that showcases the ideas and creations of one of the world’s most daring traditionalist designers. At the pinnacle of his career-this year’s winner of the Driehaus Prize, classical architecture’s highest honor-Quinlan Terry is one of the most celebrated practitioners of the form and also perhaps the most radical. Radical Classicism contains hundreds of lavish color illustrations and thirty of Terry’s designs, including state rooms at #10 Downing Street, a library and residential building at Cambridge University, a cathedral in Essex, a church in Bishopsgate, four buildings in Williamsburg, Va., townhouses in London, and ten large country houses in England, Germany, and the U.S. Buildings featured include Juniper Hill in Buckinghamshire; Ionic Villa, Corinthian Villa, and Regency Villa in Regents Park, London; Abercrombie House in Kentucky; Latourette Farm, New Jersey; Highland Park House, Dallas, Texas.

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