Regency Women’s Dress – Cassidy Percoco

Regency Women's Dress - Cassidy Percoco

Regency Women’s Dress – Cassidy Percoco
epub | 44.67 MB | English | Isbn:B015FWL7MC |
Author: Cassidy Percoco | PAge: 112 | Year: 2015


The distinctive style of the Regency period is a source of endless fascination for fashion academics and historians, living historians, re-enactors and costume designers for stage and screen. Author and fashion historian Cassidy Percoco has delved into little-known museum hoards to create a stunning collection of 26 garments, many with clear provenance tied to a specific location, which have never before been published and never – or very rarely – displayed. Most of the garments have an aspect in their construction that has not been previously documented, from a style of skirt trim to the method of gown closure. This practical guide begins with a general history of the early 19th-century women’s dress. This is followed by 26 patterns of gowns, spencers, chemises, and corsets, each with an illustration of the finished piece and description of its construction. This must-have guide is an essential reference for anyone interested in the fashions or the history of the period, or for…

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