Return to Magnolia Harbor – Hope Ramsay

Return to Magnolia Harbor - Hope Ramsay

Return to Magnolia Harbor – Hope Ramsay
epub | 7.43 MB | English | Isbn:B07YSMVRB4 |
Author: Hope Ramsay | PAge: 254 | Year: 2020


A woman returns home to her small town and finds love in the most unlikely of places in this enemies-to-lovers story from USA Today bestselling author Hope Ramsay.

Architect Jessica Blackwell has returned to Moonlight Bay with big dreams and even bigger plans to design and build innovative new homes that preserve the uniqueness of the South Carolina Low Country. She’s off to a great start with the help of her best friend, who lines her up with the job of the century. The only problem? The client is her high school nemesis, a man she’s never forgiven for the cruel rumors he repeated about her in high school . . .

When a knee injury put an end to his dreams of playing professional football and a car accident forever altered his life, Christopher Martin knew it was karma. He’s not proud of the man he used to be, and now the only thing he wants is to hide away from the world. When he meets his new architect and realizes she’s the woman he hurt all…

Category:Women’s Sagas, Clean & Wholesome Romance, Small Town & Rural Fiction

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