Roping Ms Impossible – Loni Ree

Roping Ms  Impossible - Loni Ree
Roping Ms Impossible – Loni Ree
epub | 241.34 KB | English | Author :Loni Ree | B08D65YK5Z | 2020

Book Description :

Bryce Mackenzie
When my sister-in-law talked me into hiring someone to help out around the house, I had no idea it would lead to my soulmate walking into my life and turning everything upside down. It doesn’t take long for me to realize Natalie has very little cooking experience, but her lack of cooking ability doesn’t matter to me. She’s already stolen my heart.

Natalie Holmes
I’ve always been the impulsive twin. That’s an understatement. When the chance to stay on a real ranch in the middle of Wyoming rent-free for the summer comes up, I figure–why not? How hard could it possibly be to help out in the kitchen? Fudging my resume and lying in the interview comes back to bite me in the rear on my first day. The hardest part is fighting my feelings for my new boss, Bryce Mackenzie.

Once Bryce figures out the sensation in his chest isn’t indigestion from Natalie’s cooking, he kno there’s no fighting these feelings. Now, Bryce is making plans to rope Ms. Impossible so he can keep her for life.

Category : | Action & Adventure Short Stories, 90-Minute Romance Short Reads, Women’s Short Stories

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