Roses for Canadians for Dummies

Roses for Canadians for Dummies

Roses for Canadians for Dummies
pdf | 16.26 MB | English | Isbn:978-1894413152 |
Author: Douglas Green | PAge: 379 | Year: 2000


Celebrated for centuries for their gorgeous blooms and heavenly scents, roses have a certain mystique and romantic aura unlike any other garden plant. And though you might think they’re too impossibly delicate to grow in Canada, Roses For Canadians For Dummies show you they’re not. Using the hardiness recommendations, and the eight-page full colour photo insert, you’ll be able to choose the best rose varieties for your Canadian climate zone. Includes: Ratings of the biggest blooms and most savoury rose scents; an easy-to-understand and illustrated guide to planting and pruning techniques; winterizing strategies so your shrubs survive the harshest seasonal conditions; buying the healthiest plants and safeguarding against rose pests and diseases; Canadian Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Category:Rose Gardening

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