Science of Running By DK

Science of Running By DK

Science of Running By DK
pdf | 28.41 MB | English | Isbn:B0814JSV96 |
Author: Chris Napier | PAge: 224 | Year: 2020


Discover the hard science that will help you run faster, endure for longer, and avoid injury.
Analyze your running style and learn how to enhance your gait for optimum efficiency and safety.
Transform your performance with exercises targeting strength, flexibility, and recovery – each exercise annotated to reveal the muscle mechanics so you know you’re getting it right.
Understand the science behind your body’s energy systems and how to train to maximize energy storage and conversion.
Follow training and exercise programs tailored to different abilities and distances, from 5K to marathon.
Whether you are new to running or an experienced runner, this book will help you achieve your goals and stay injury-free.

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