SCRUM A Story of Transformatio – Yitmen, Mehmet

SCRUM  A Story of Transformatio - Yitmen, Mehmet

SCRUM A Story of Transformatio – Yitmen, Mehmet
epub | 1.69 MB | English | Isbn:B08CVWGH89 |
Author: Yitmen, Mehmet | PAge: 148 | Year: 2020


“How can we apply Scrum in our organization, and how should we start and sustain our improvement efforts?”

Ultimately, Scrum is a fundamental project of change for most teams or organizations; therefore, each journey needs to be custom tailored. Scrum applies a unique mechanism and perspective, so when considering how best to apply Scrum, critical examples from real life cases are not only pertinent, but also crucial to illustrating good practice.

Therefore, this book conveys the process of introducing a fictitious company to Scrum, presenting the process of change in a simple, narrative form. The fictitious company that is referred to struggled with constant delays in software projects and experienced difficulty in managing change. In addition, the employees were dissatisfied with the results of the projects, and the IT department lacked motivation.

This is a story of hope and teamwork, which is told from the perspective of a Scrum Master, an important role in Scrum. As an initiator and leader of change, the book illustrates the challenges faced by the Scrum Master, while highlighting important Scrum concepts and exploring the transformation journey.

This book is not trying to describe Scrum in a textbook-like style but rather to illustrate the impact that the process can have on teams and organizations. So it draws attention to the process of change that Scrum enables.

What will you find inside the book;

* The need for change
* First steps in a transformation journey
* Selecting a pilot project
* Transformation action list
* Adopting Scrum
* Dealing with blockers on the way
* Teamwork
* Kaizen culture
* Spreading agility

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