SEAL of Refuge (Guardians of Re – Alyssa Bailey

SEAL of Refuge (Guardians of Re - Alyssa Bailey
SEAL of Refuge (Guardians of Re – Alyssa Bailey
epub | 275.65 KB | English | Author :Alyssa Bailey | B08FBMDWJM | 2020 | Desire West Publishing

Book Description :

Too Good To Be True

Alesha Campbell loves her Alaskan island home but two years after a painful break up, she fears she might be terminally single. Then she meets the new guy in town. The widowed Naval officer extricates her from a sticky situation and stole her heart, but he seems too good to be true. That’s because he is.

When the Navy offers SEAL Commander Zayden Wellesley the career opportunity of a lifetime, he accepts. On a recon trip to his new station, he meets the woman he never knew he needed and sets about wooing her. Things are going well over the short trip except for one little snag: He neglected to inform her he had roommates.

Zed did plan to tell Alli before she found out on her own, however, his roommates took matters into their own hands before he could talk to her. Can Zayden save his career and his budding relationship without upsetting the delicate balance he was already maintaining?

Category : | Romantic Suspense, Military Romance, Military Romance

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