Ship – Tapestry In Action – 2004

Ship - Tapestry In Action - 2004

Ship – Tapestry In Action – 2004
pdf | 8.78 MB | English | Isbn:978-1932394115 |
Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship | PAge: 585 | Year: 2004


The creator of Tapestry details how to use this new framework’s components to create rich web-based GUIs using links, images, and HTML forms. The challenges of web application development are discussed, such as managing server-side state properly, application localization, and maintaining synchronization between the client web browser and the application server. At the same time, the benefits of a clean separation between presentation logic and business logic and how well Tapestry succeeds in keeping these two concerns apart are identified. Written for new Tapestry users and even developers new to creating web applications in general, this guide includes extensive notes on development ""gotchas,"" including common Tapestry errors and how to fix them. Advanced techniques are covered as well, including creating entirely new components, integration with traditional servlet and JSP applications, and creation of client-side JavaScript. Finally, a complete J2EE application, the Virtual Library, is presented and analyzed in detail.

Category:Java Programming, Software Development, Internet & Telecommunications

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