Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library Vol 3 Solids Ii

Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library Vol  3 Solids Ii

Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library Vol 3 Solids Ii
pdf | 8.63 MB | English | Isbn:978-3642095825 |
Author: Yasuyuki Horie | PAge: 293 | Year: 2009


This book is the second volume of Solids Volumes in theShockWaveScience and Technology Reference Library. These volumes are primarily concerned with high-pressure shock waves in solid media, including detonation and hi- velocity impact and penetration events. This volume contains four articles. The ?rst two describe the reactive behavior of condensed-phase explosives, and the remaining two discuss the inert, mechanical response of solid materials. The articles are each se- contained, and can be read independently of each other. They o?er a timely reference, for beginners as well as professional scientists and engineers, cov- ing the foundations and the latest progress, and include burgeoning devel- ment as well as challenging unsolved problems. The ?rst chapter, by S. She?eld and R. Engelke, discusses the shock initiation and detonation phenomena of solids explosives. The article is an outgrowth of two previous review articles: “Explosives” in vol. 6 of En- clopedia of Applied Physics (VCH, 1993) and “Initiation and Propagation of Detonation in Condensed-Phase High Explosives” in High-Pressure Shock Compression of Solids III (Springer, 1998). This article is not only an – dated review, but also o?ers a concise heuristic introduction to shock waves and condensed-phase detonation. The authors emphasize the point that d- onation is not an uncontrollable, chaotic event, but that it is an orderly event that is governed by and is describable in terms of the conservation of mass, momentum, energy and certain material-speci?c properties of the explosive.

Category:Scientific Measurement, Waves & Wave Mechanics, Geophysics

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