Slow Hands (Makes My Heart Race – Hope Ford

Slow Hands (Makes My Heart Race - Hope Ford
Slow Hands (Makes My Heart Race – Hope Ford
mobi | 436.39 KB | English | Author :Hope Ford | B089T7N24N | 2020

Book Description :

She has a broken heart and he wants to fix it.
My ranch was a place for me to relax.
And it was, until I saw her.
Thinking of her, wanting to be with her takes up all my time.
I try to get to know her, but her past makes it hard for her to trust me.
I’m not giving up on her though. I’ll be her man with a slow hand.

Ready for seven all-new alphas to take control of your library!?
From head to toe, these hotties are prepared to deliver the heart-pounding HEA’s you’re craving!
Forget the beach, these heroes are the summer fun you need!

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