Soccer Anatomy, 2nd Edition

Soccer Anatomy, 2nd Edition

Soccer Anatomy, 2nd Edition
epub | 83.31 MB | English | Isbn:N/A |
Author: Donald T. Kirkendall | PAge: N/A | Year: N/A


Get an inside look at training for the world’s most popular sport. Soccer Anatomy, Second Edition, shows you what it takes to run faster, resist challenges from opponents, be stronger in the tackle, jump higher, delay fatigue, and prevent injury.
In this second edition, elite-level soccer coach Adam Sayers joins Donald Kirkendall-one of the most recognized experts in soccer training and injury prevention-to bring you more than 85 soccer-specific exercises designed to help build and strengthen the athlete.
Full-color anatomical illustrations take you inside each exercise to show you which muscles are involved and how they are fundamentally linked to soccer performance. Strength-building exercises are arranged anatomically: by core, back and hips, legs, shoulders and neck, chest, arms, and legs. Each exercise includes clear step-by-step descriptions. Variations allow you to target specific areas or to modify the exercise based on your age, experience,…


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