Stalinism Frontier Of Empire

Stalinism Frontier Of Empire

Stalinism Frontier Of Empire
pdf | 7.04 MB | English | Isbn:B002BWPIJI |
Author: Elena Shulman | PAge: 276 | Year: 2008


This book is a fascinating account of frontier Stalinism told through the previously unexplored history of a campaign to attract female settlers to the socialist frontiers of the Soviet Far East in the late 1930s. Elena Shulman reveals the instrumental part these migrants played in the extension of Soviet state power and cultural dominion in the region. Their remarkable stories, recovered from archival letters, party documents, memoirs, press coverage and films, shed new light on Soviet women’s roles in state formation, the role of frontier Stalinism in structuring gender ideals and the nature of Soviet society and Stalinism in the 1930s. Through these narratives Elena Shulman offers a nuanced picture of the world of the frontier as well as the complexities of women’s lives under Stalin and the limits of Moscow’s rule over the periphery and even the Gulag.

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