Step-by-Step Bread

Step-by-Step Bread

Step-by-Step Bread
pdf | 55.62 MB | English | Isbn:B0899H4HND |
Author: Dk | PAge: 194 | Year: 2012


All re-use from Illustrated Step By Step Baking .
If you’ve ever struggled to create that perfect bread product, you know that baking is a science. Struggle no more! Step-by-Step Bread takes DK’s signature photographic approach one step further, presenting all 120 recipes in step-by-step sequences, with every single stage demonstrated. The process is broken down into easy-to-execute steps, every one photographed and presented clearly in full color. Each method is shown in sequence, and variations are also given for each recipe on the spreads that follow.
Learn over 120 recipes for various types of breads, from loaves, rolls, and buns, to bread-based foods such as pizza. With Step-by-Step Bread you won’t find yourself waiting on the bread line anymore.

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