STOP OVERTHINKING 3 Books In 1 – Moore, Danielle

STOP OVERTHINKING  3 Books In 1 - Moore, Danielle

STOP OVERTHINKING 3 Books In 1 – Moore, Danielle
epub | 5.7 MB | English | Isbn:B08F6X4P9J |
Author: Moore, Danielle, Gray, Jason | PAge: 512 | Year: 2020


◆ Do you want to declutter your mind, overcome negativity?◆ Do you want to develop mental toughness and focus on achieving your goals?◆ Are you ready to learn daily habits to program your mind, build self-confidence and willpower, manage anger, and become highly productive.?◆ Do you easily get stressed out?◆ Having problems on sleeping? ◆ Well we have the solution for you! Ever heard of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? ◆ If yes, then keep reading.
Overthinking as its name suggests is thinking too much and long about an anxiety-inducing occurrence, usually but not always a negative experience of some kind (e.g. past mistake, current concern or future outcome). Do you find it hard to shut down your racing mind? Do you feel fatigued and troubled because of your thoughts? If so, you are likely an acute overthinker. Today, overthinking is an international epidemic, since we live in difficult and demanding times that require so much mental capacity from us to function and succeed in. Adult responsibilities, money, mental trauma, and other problems leave our minds active 24/7. 
To gain self-confidence, self-discipline must be developed
Self-discipline is important. There is no doubt about it-when you are self-disciplined, you are able to keep yourself on track longer and with more ease. Your self-discipline can help you in just about any aspect in life. If you want to go on a diet to lose some weight, self-discipline will help you turn down that piece of cake so you can stick to it. 
In book 1 we will discuss the following topics:

  • How to stop overthinking
  • Improve your life
  • Positive attitude and effective tips to change negative thinking
  • Become a positive thinker: start with your body
  • Challenge your thoughts
  • Practicing positive mindfulness
  • Self confidence
  • How to manage stress, anxiety, and depression
  • How to create habits to stop worrying.
  • Simple daily practices to overcome prastination
  • Additional ways to naturally heal depression

In book 2 we will discuss the following topics:

  • What is self-discipline
  • How to develop self-discipline
  • Motivation
  • How to manage your time productive efficiently
  • Improving focus and concentration
  • Build mental toughness
  • Build routines and habits for ultimate self-discipline
  • Being self-disciplined
  • Gratification and how to delay it

In book 3 we will discuss the following topics:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Routine to train your mind
  • Master and train happiness
  • Strategies to eliminate problems
  • Identifying problems and setting goals
  • The Behavioral side of CBT
  • mindfulness
  • Prastination
  • Worry, fear and anxiety
  • Insomnia, keep calm and manage excessive anger
  • Retrain your brain, Panic attacks, stress and intrusive thoughts
  • Automatic negative thoughts (ANTs)
  • How to take control and choose to be aware

. and much more
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