The 21-Day Yoga Body – Sadie Nardini

The 21-Day Yoga Body - Sadie Nardini

The 21-Day Yoga Body – Sadie Nardini
epub | 15.22 MB | English | Isbn:0385347065 |
Author: Sadie Nardini | PAge: 322 | Year: 2013


Are you ready for a total body transformation?

In The 21-Day Yoga Body, renowned wellness warrior and lifestyle expert Sadie Nardini gives you a program to renovate your body, mind and spirit. This fast-acting program, based on Sadie’s potent inspirations, real-world recipes and unique Core Strength Vinyasa yoga style will turbocharge your results: speed up your metabolism, build lean muscle, and burn fat, all while building nutritional savvy and emotional strength. Designed to fit into your busy life, each day of the three-week plan includes a series of daily lifestyle tips, new-generation yoga poses (illustrated with step-by-step photos), breathing and meditation exercises, and nutrition tips and recipes (vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, welcome!). There’s even wine!

Here’s what results many people are getting in just 3 weeks:

  • A fun, fresh yoga practice that’s based in cutting edge anatomy for the maximum safety, strength,…
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