The Babysense Secret

The Babysense Secret

The Babysense Secret
pdf | 14.04 MB | English | Isbn:978-0756671594 |
Author: Faure, Megan. | PAge: 226 | Year: 2010


Providing an easy-to-follow method to care for a baby during the first year, The Babysense Secret explains how to read a baby’s body language and signals, so that parents can know how their baby is feeling and what he/she wants. With handy at-a-glance charts that show parents what to do in the middle of the night when their baby is crying inconsolably, flow diagrams to determine exactly what their baby is trying to tell them, and the best methods to help, The Babysense Secrethelps parents easily identify how their baby is feeling and how best to respond.

Category:Baby & Toddler Parenting, Motherhood

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