The Botanical Kitchen – Elly McCausland

The Botanical Kitchen - Elly McCausland

The Botanical Kitchen – Elly McCausland
epub | 93.71 MB | English | Isbn:B081NJ15GW |
Author: Elly McCausland | PAge: 272 | Year: 2020


This beautiful book places botanical ingredients at the fore, emphasising the power of a
few small ingredients to transform and enhance food the world over.
The choice of botanicals can transform a recipe, adding a new twist to a classic or
creating surprising and rewarding combinations, and in this 2019 Jane Grigson Trust
Award-winning book, Elly McCausland guides readers through cooking with botanicals,
looking at their culinary history and diverse uses over the years. Weaving through this
compelling text will be 90 delicious recipes including relishes and tarts, salads and
soups, noodle bowls and breads and everything in between, offering unique and
insightful flavour pairings.
From the common to the curious, Elly’s debut book takes an in-depth look at our love
affair with every part of the plant. Chapters include fruits (tropical, Mediterranean and
orchard), leaves, flowers, seeds and…

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