The Center Will Hold – Christopher de Vinck

The Center Will Hold - Christopher de Vinck

The Center Will Hold – Christopher de Vinck
epub | 1.71 MB | English | Isbn:0829449302 |
Author: Christopher de Vinck | PAge: 186 | Year: 2020


By the time most of us reach adulthood, we have experienced enough to begin to understand our own personal narratives. It’s tempting to focus on discouragement or pessimism, even cynicism. But there’s a brighter, better way.
In this collection of heartwarming true stories, Christopher de Vinck reminds us of life’s many graces, and he challenges us to embrace our experiences with hope, humor, gratitude, and wonder. Whether revisiting a boyhood hobby of photographing the neighborhood raccoon or musing upon the possible uses of a decades-old Santa suit, de Vinck takes his readers to
scenes, sights, and sensations of the daily, ordinary gifts that are not so ordinary after all.
Read The Center Will Hold to stir your own poignant memories, or share it with family and friends as an invitation to simple joy. Its pages speak with eloquence, in language common to us all: wisdom, light, and love.

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