The Combat Sports Strength and Conditioning Manual – Minimalist Training for Maxim…

The Combat Sports Strength and Conditioning Manual - Minimalist Training for Maxim...

The Combat Sports Strength and Conditioning Manual – Minimalist Training for Maximum results
epub | 1.11 MB | English | Isbn:B07NKSDJ9B |
Author: Will Morrill | PAge: 126 | Year: 2019


This program has already helped hundreds of combat sports athletes get into the best shape of their lives. Now you can too!

If you want to get in the best shape possible to compete at your peak, without wasting excess time and energy in the weight room, or using a program that isn’t made specifically for your goals. you need this manual.

Preparing for a fight doesn’t need to be complicated, but there is so much misinformation spread around in the MMA, boxing, wrestling, and jiu jitsu communities that it can seem overwhelming.

This book dispels common myths about combat sports training, like:

– You need a complex strength training system for combat sports – FALSE
– You get all the strength you need from your skill training – FALSE
– More time in the weightroom equates to more strength or better results – FALSE
– Your strength training should directly mimic a fight – FALSE
– Eating correctly is difficult – FALSE

These myths end up leading many fighters to use programs designed for other sports, leaving them overworked and fatigued. Worse yet, some end up ignoring strength training entirely out of fear or ignorance. With this book you can skip right over these problems.

In this manual you’ll learn to:

– Program efficient workouts that leave you with time for skill training
– Periodize your training for long term success
– Maximize strength, power, and mobility
– Use the correct loading schemes to achieve your specific goals
– Peak out at just the right time
– Cut weight properly and put it back on fast
– Build elite level conditioning to never fade in a fight again
– Develop insane neck strength to reduce head trauma
– Eat for performance and health
– Train your mind for competition

Imagine being in peak shape for every fight, feeling explosive on the mats, wasting less time in the weight room with unnecessary volume and exercises, being the “deceptively strong guy” in your gym, and spending less time off due to nagging injuries or being crushed by your strength training.

You don’t need to spend the time earning an expensive exercise science degree, go to countless clinics and seminars, or build up years of in gym experience coaching fighters to train correctly. I’ve already done that for you, and this book distills all that information down into a program you can institute right away!

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