The Credit Cleanup Book – Shindy Chen

The Credit Cleanup Book - Shindy Chen

The Credit Cleanup Book – Shindy Chen
epub | 1.63 MB | English | Isbn:B00NVA8O7C |
Author: Shindy Chen | PAge: 198 | Year: 2014


Many consumers don’t understand the basics of credit reporting and scoring or how this information is used by lenders and service providers today. This book was written to remedy that. A no-nonsense guide, it teaches readers about credit reports and scores, shows them how to obtain and read their credit reports, and outlines ways to remove negative and inaccurate items. Readers will also learn about the latest consumer protection legislation concerning credit and lending and about changes in lending practices that can impact their financial well-being.
The book details credit’s impact on nearly every aspect of life, including employment; insurance; love relationships; services such as mobile phones and utilities; apartment leases; and auto, business, and home mortgage loans. It walks readers through the process of disputing negative items on credit reports and includes letter templates that can be used for that purpose. Finally, it provides readers with credit- and…

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