The Dark Net Peter Johansen

The Dark Net Peter Johansen

The Dark Net Peter Johansen
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Author: Peter Johansen | PAge: 60 | Year: 2018


Nowadays, privacy and anonymity are mere figments of our imagination, especially when it comes to our online presence. Private browsing or going incognito has become a myth – nothing more than a thing of the past. People can still trace your IP address and identify the sites you’ve visited as well as your logins. And even if you have deleted all the cookies from your browser and erased your browsing history, the search engines record all your searches and even announce the number of times you’ve searched for a keyword. Worst, your internet provider has a tab on all your online activities.

The sad truth is, once you hook up to the internet, you can be tracked – your files can be accessed, and your browsing habits can be identified and highlighted. A profile can be drawn and culled from your browsing habits and online preferences which shall serve as the basis for advertisers to bombard you with their targeted ads. You are also not safe from NSA and FBI spying, both of which have made it their sworn duty to track all surfing activities and snoop on everything everyone is doing online.

Admittedly, there are some people who couldn’t care less whether their online activities are being tracked or not. But, for many others who value their privacy more than anything else, this is a serious problem that needs immediate solution. The good news is, there are ways you can prevent people from prying into your online presence while keeping your activities invisible from the eyes of other people with malicious intent – including the NSA.

Here’s a Breakdown What You’ll Learn About:

Exploring the Web’s Underbelly

The Evolution of the Darknet – The Birth of Tor

How Tor Works

Accessing the Tor Side of the Darknet

Additional Precautions to Take When Using Tor

Using VPN With Tor for Added Protection

Creating a Hidden Service Tor Site

Other Viable Alternatives to Tor

The Lawlessness that Grips the Darknet

Dark Net Links That Work

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