The Debt Collector – Lena Little[epub]

The Debt Collector - Lena Little[epub]

The Debt Collector – Lena Little
epub | 160.1 KB | English | Isbn:B08RSHBB8Q |
Author: Lena Little | PAge: 121 | Year: 2020


I’m all my father has left.

But more often than not I’m collateral damage to the bombs that are constantly going off in his life.

And this time is no exception.

When his debt’s catch up with him he comes. The Debt Collector.

And the only thing of value in my dad’s life is me.

Taken until his debt is cleared.

I should be furious, but his touch grounds me, soothes me. It gives me guidance on how to act.

It takes away the need to think, to make decisions, to worry. It’s surprisingly refreshing.

But what happens when the debt is cleared? Will the man who calls me his little girl let me go? 
And more importantly, do I want to let him go?

This is a short, steamy "daddy-lite" romance with some daddy elements, but it is not a spot on ddlg story. No OM / OW drama and no cliffhangers. Always a sweet HEA.

Category:U.S. Short Stories, Contemporary Short Stories, Women’s Short Stories

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