The Discourse Of Advertising

The Discourse Of Advertising

The Discourse Of Advertising
pdf | 55.66 MB | English | Isbn:978-0415234559 |
Author: Guy Cook | PAge: 135 | Year: 2001


The Discourse of Advertising explores the language of contemporary advertising. Cook argues that advertisements are always in complex interaction with the texts around them, with music and pictures, and with the people who make and experience them. This second edition addresses contemporary advertising in the context of current changes in communication. Advertisements span a range of mediums from billboards to email and the author sensitively analyses their social functions and effects on the individual. New advertisements include those for Barnardos and the Royal Navy,Philips, Wonderbra and Wrigleys, and the book has also been substantially rewritten. This is a comprehensive and invaluable reference guide to all aspects of the language of advertising.

Category:Media Studies, Advertising, Linguistics

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