The Embedding by Ian Watson [epub]

The Embedding by Ian Watson [epub]

The Embedding by Ian Watson
epub | 317.65 KB | English | Isbn:B003PV65JG |
Author: Ian Watson | PAge: 252 | Year: 2011


Ian Watson’s brilliant debut novel was one of the most significant publications in British SF in the 1970s. Intellectually bracing and grippingly written, it is the story of three experiments in linguistics, and is driven by a searching analysis of the nature of communication.
Deep in the Brazilian jungle, an isolated tribe face eviction from their ancestral lands – and the psychedelic fungus that makes their religious language possible.
In a British laboratory, a brilliant linguist conducts cutting-edge experiments – but does his search for answers come at too high a cost?
And in the ultimate test of linguistics, First Contact presents a challenge unlike any humanity has faced before . . .
Fiercely intelligent, energetic and challenging, The Embedding immediately established Watson as a writer of rare power and vision, and is now recognized as a modern classic of SF.

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