The Immortal City (The Sacred D – May Peterson

The Immortal City (The Sacred D - May Peterson
The Immortal City (The Sacred D – May Peterson
epub | 327.66 KB | English | Author :May Peterson | B0848P5LJ9 | 2020 | Carina Press

Book Description :

Sometimes you just have to jump. 
The second book in The Sacred Dark series, a lush fantasy romance by acclaimed author May Peterson.
I don’t remember you.
Reborn as an immortal with miraculous healing powers, Ari remembers nothing of his past life. His entire world now consists of the cold mountainside city of Serenity. Ruled with an iron fist. Violent.
I may never remember you.
Regaining the memories of who he once was seems an impossible dream, until Ari encounters Hei, a mortal come to Serenity for his own mysterious purposes. From the moment Hei literally falls into his arms, Ari is drawn to him in ways he cannot understand. Every word, every look, every touch pulls them closer together. 
But I’m with you now.
As their bond deepens, so does the need to learn the truth of their past. Together they journey to find an ancient immortal who can give them what they both want: a history more entwined than Ari could have ever imagined, but which Hei has always known.
It’s the reason they will risk the world as they know it to reclaim who they used to be-and what they could be once again. 
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In a world teeming with mages, ghosts and dark secrets, love blooms between an unlikely pair…

Category : | Romantic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Dark Fantasy Horror

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