The Kingpin’s Weakness – Jessa Kane

The Kingpin's Weakness - Jessa Kane
The Kingpin’s Weakness – Jessa Kane
epub | 175.78 KB | English | Author :Kane, Jessa | B08FCJ997M | 2020

Book Description :

Easton Brawn, notorious gangster and self-proclaimed devil, has requested Scout’s presence in his luxury box at the MMA fight-after only one glance-and his reputation gives her no choice but to join him there. Anyone who gets too close to Easton becomes a target for his enemies, so although this girl makes his once-dead heart beat out of control, he can only offer her one night of unparalleled passion. Love has no time limits, however. And before Easton kno it, he’ll be in a rush to keep the girl of his dreams safe…and in his life forever.

Category : | New Adult & College Romance, Contemporary Romance, Two-Hour Romance Short Reads

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