The Leone Crime Family Box Set – B B Hamel[epub]

The Leone Crime Family Box Set - B  B  Hamel[epub]

The Leone Crime Family Box Set – B B Hamel
epub | 1.6 MB | English | Isbn:B08RPCR6C2 |
Author: B. B. Hamel | PAge: 1405 | Year: 2020


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Obsessed with his Bride

I’ll kill to keep her.
I’ll do much worse to make her my bride.

Aida was supposed to be a gift from her father. She was an apology for stealing from the wrong man and starting a war with the Russian mob.

But I killed him and kept her anyway.

Now the Russians want to use her against me. They’ll burn the whole city to the ground trying to take her away.

I won’t let that happen. Aida’s all mine, from her pouty, delicious lips to her curvy hips. It doesn’t matter how many soldiers the Russians send at me, they won’t take what I protect.

I’m a monster. A killer. I’m not the kind of man that settles down, much less for the daughter of a thief.

The war doesn’t matter. In the end, I’ll make her my bride.

Taken by her Prince

I broke her to pieces.
And I’ll put her back together.

Colleen Colley got caught in the crossfire.

When I saw that sweet thing lying on the ground, I knew I couldn’t leave her there. So I took her home and nursed her back to health.

With a fat padlock on the bedroom door.

My crew’s moving in on the Irish mafia, and my sweet little princess is the Boss’s niece. I can’t let her go, not now that I have her.

So once I fix her body, I’ll make sure she never wants to leave.

Except she’s got a rebellious streak and a temper the size of Texas. She thinks she can fight back, but it only makes me want her more.

In the end, she’ll come to me. And when she does, I’ll make her deepest, darkest, filthiest dreams come true.

Tempted by the Sinner

She’s a little saint just begging to get corrupted.
And I’m the perfect sinner just waiting to take a taste.

Mona Rizzo wants to write the next great profile of a real American gangster, and she wants to use me as her subject.

Except I want to use her as my play thing.

It’s a match made in sin, and I’m going to suck her into my world before she even has a chance to stop loving it.

She has no clue what she’s getting herself into. Turning gorgeous little Mona into a true mafia princess is going to be the highlight of my life.

But once she’s mine, the Jalisco Cartel decides to start a war.

And I’m at the center of it.

Now Mona’s in over her pretty head, and I’m the only thing standing between her and real danger.

I’ll bring her through this, safe and sound. And when it’s done, I won’t let her go back to her old, boring life.

Protected by the Monster

I’m supposed to keep her safe.
Instead, I’ll satisfy her darkest desires.

At first I think Clair Riva is just another spoiled mafia princess. Gorgeous, pouty, but pissed-off at the world and not worth the trouble.

Until I realize that girl has more fire in her than a full on made man.

Her long legs drive me wild, and those lips make a man want to drop to his knees in praise.

So when the Jalisco Cartel wants to take her away, I’ll kill a thousand of them to keep her.

Too bad she hates my guts. I’m just another monster to her. She lost everything to the mob, and she’s not ready to give herself up to me.

Doesn’t matter. I’ll fight off a cartel to get my girl.

In the end, this monster always gets what he craves.

Knocked Up by the Killer

I’ll take my time. Do it right.
And in the morning, she’ll be dead or all mine.

I was sent to kill pretty Elise Borghi, daughter of Don Borghi himself. I figured she’d be an easy job.

Instead, I spent the night making her feel very, very alive.

Now I don’t want to let her go. Elise doesn’t deserve to die just because her father’s a monster.

So I’ll protect her. Turn my back on my employers. Burn a hundred bridges to keep her safe.

But it’s never that simple. Nothing in my messed-up life ever is.

Turns out she’s having my baby.

Now the whole city will burn before they touch my girl or my child.

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