The Little Mongo DB Schema Design Book

The Little Mongo DB Schema Design Book
The Little Mongo DB Schema Design Book
azw3 | 4.37 MB | English | Author :Christian Kvalheim | B016F2HQDA | 2015

Book Description :

The Little MongoDB Schema Design Book, covers the fundamentals off Schema design with MongoDB, as well as several useful Schema design patters for your applications.

I wrote this book to be a helpful and concise guide to MongoDB Schema design, as well as a repository to look up specific MongoDB Schema patterns. This book came around, due to my experiences teaching people about using MongoDB for application development. It tries to cover essential information that you can apply to your own applications.

We cover a lot of different aspects of Schema Design in this book. These include.

  • Schema Basics including one to one, one to many and many to many relationships
  • Embedding versus linking
  • Bucketing Strategy
  • Understanding the MongoDB MMAP and WiredTiger storage engine
  • MongoDB Indexes
  • The Metadata Schema Pattern
  • Time Series Schema Pattern
  • Queues Schema Pattern
  • Nested Categories Schema Pattern
  • Account Transactions Schema Pattern
  • Shopping Cart Schema Pattern with and without product reservation
  • A Theater Ticket Reservation Schema Pattern
  • An Embedded Array Cache Schema Pattern
  • An Internationalization Schema Pattern
  • Sharding

The book aims to provide developers with a deep but concise understanding of how to efficiently work with MongoDB.

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