The Mail Order Brides Eve of H – Etta Foster[epub]

The Mail Order Brides Eve of H - Etta Foster[epub]

The Mail Order Brides Eve of H – Etta Foster
epub | 437.85 KB | English | Isbn:B08RXJ6YFT |
Author: Etta Foster, Starfall Publications | PAge: 697 | Year: 2021


An unexpected miracle will shine the light of hope in their hearts just in time for the New Year in the form of a lost child. Will they answer to the call of love?

Desmond believed his life was perfect, and why wouldn’t he? He had a wonderful wife and a young daughter whose smile was able to light up his world better than the sun itself. Until tragedy knocked on his door. What was meant to be a picnic on New Year’s Eve turns out to be a disaster when Desmond’s young daughter disappears. Unable to bear the sorrow which eats her from the inside, his wife passes away not long after, stealing every last trace of love from Desmond’s heart. He knows he will never love again, for what he loves, Death claims.

Eva has always wished for love. Alas, ever since her mother’s death, she was left all alone, becoming an outcast inside her own house which is now ruled by her stepmother and stepbrothers. Having no other choice, Eva gathers her courage, replying to a mail-order-ad from a cowboy from South Dakota. New Year’s Eve is on the way, and Eva hopes it will bring her better luck than the years past…

Upon arriving in South Dakota, Eva understands that Desmond did not sign up for this…but neither did he sign up for the lost young girl that crosses their path so unexpectedly. As they both embark on a perilous journey, Desmond’s shadowy past shall come to the surface and threaten a bright future from shining at the end of the road.

In this race of danger and twists towards the New Year, will love find a way to bring Eva and Desmond face to face with the miracle they so need?

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