The Mission House by Carys Davies

The Mission House by Carys Davies

The Mission House by Carys Davies
epub | 1.55 MB | English | Isbn:B08BZV28V1 |
Author: Carys Davies | PAge: 272 | Year: 2021


Fleeing the dark undercurrents of contemporary Britain, Hilary Byrd takes refuge in a hill station in South India. There he finds solace in life’s simple pleasures, travelling by rickshaw around the small town and staying in a mission house beside the local presbytery, where the Padre and his adoptive daughter Priscilla have taken him under their wing.
As his friendship with the young woman grows, Hilary begins to wonder whether his purpose lies in this new relationship. But religious tensions are brewing and the mission house may not be the safe haven it seems.
The Mission House boldly and imaginatively interrogates the fractures between faith and non-belief, young and old, imperial past and nationalistic present. Tenderly subversive and meticulously crafted, it is a deeply human story of the wonders and terrors of connection in a modern world.

Category:Cultural Heritage Fiction, Family Life Fiction, Family Life Fiction

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