The Raven Four Books 1-3 – Jessica Sorensen

The Raven Four  Books 1-3 - Jessica Sorensen
The Raven Four Books 1-3 – Jessica Sorensen
epub | 431.56 KB | English | Author :Jessica Sorensen | B08CJH58F9 | 2020 | Borrowed Hearts Publishing LLC

Book Description :




That’s what everyone has been calling me for years. Even my aunt and uncle, who I live with, call me these names. 

But when we move to a Honeyton where no one kno me, I finally have a chance to start over, to try to escape my past.

At least that’s what I think.

But Honeyton isn’t an ordinary town. It’s full of secrets and danger, something a group of guys known as The Raven Three want to make sure I understand.

They’re scary, intense, and do absolutely everything in their power to make sure everyone fears them. And since I’m the new girl, I’ve become their number one target.

I’m tougher than these guys are used to, though, and I’m not about to go down without a fight. 

But might be easier said than done, because in this new town I now call home, danger, and darkness lie everywhere.

The Raven Four series is the RH coming of age mystery/horror/science fiction romance version of my book The Art of Being Friends.

Books included in The Raven Four: Books 1-3:
1. A Pact Between the Forgotten
2. The Ravens & the Mysterious Town
3. Secret Hidden in Dark Places

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