The Troublemaker – Fox, Cathryn

The Troublemaker - Fox, Cathryn
The Troublemaker – Fox, Cathryn
epub | 300.52 KB | English | Author :Fox, Cathryn | B08CHGZ45C | 2020 | Foxy Ink.

Book Description :

I’m the guy with a two-week rule. Women know straight up what they’re getting into when they crawl into my bed, but one night in Vegas, it was me doing the crawling-straight into the right bed, occupied by the wrong woman. But I can’t complain; turns out, sleeping with my long-time friend, Kinsley Palmer, was the best mistake of my life. And I wanted more, so when fate presented me with the perfect opportunity, I was more than happy to step up and be her thirty-day husband. Problem was, thirty days with Kinsley wasn’t going to be nearly enough.

I had perfected turning a bad situation around and making it work for me. But when dream sex turns out to be real and too much tequila ends up with Elvis and a sidewalk wedding that’s actually legit, I thought I’d reached my limit. First, I’m not the type of girl Cason Callaghan, aka The Troublemaker, goes for, but the love marks on my body the next morning told a different story, so imagine my surprise when he offers to be my temporary husband to help me get my trust fund. Talk about turning a reckless mistake into a win-win situation! What could possibly go wrong with having a harmless affair with the hottest guy on the planet? Oh, only just about everything.

Players on Ice series #8

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