The Yoga Body Diet – Slim And Sexy In 4 Weeks

The Yoga Body Diet - Slim And Sexy In 4 Weeks

The Yoga Body Diet – Slim And Sexy In 4 Weeks
epub | 7.67 MB | English | Isbn:B003YL4K8U |
Author: Kristen Schultz-Dollard | PAge: 258 | Year: 2010


A Yoga Body Is The One You Have Now, Only Healthier. This book is your complete guide to how to get it. And the benefits don’t stop atyour appearance. At the end of 4 short weeks, you’ll feel better, you’ll think more clearly, and you’ll find it’s much easier to keep a positive mindset and rollwith life’s inevitable punches. It’s not as difficult as you might think! Here’s how it works. The newest research has demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that active relaxation triggers better blood flow to your organs, improving digestion and immune function. Yoga also puts you more in touch with your body, decreases stress and blood pressure, and regulates your nervous system, cultivating balance in the body. And it pulls muscle toward bone, creating a lithe and lean frame rather than gym-built bulk. The Yoga Body Diet shows you exactly how to eat well, shop wisely, and stretch yourself slim. The best part? NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. On this easy, 4-week plan, you will eat,…

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