Their Controlled Chaos- Milly Taiden

Their Controlled Chaos- Milly Taiden
Their Controlled Chaos- Milly Taiden
epub | 275.28 KB | English | Author :Milly Taiden | B088FXDG5B | 2020 | Latin Goddess Press, Inc.

Book Description :

The exciting conclusion to the Wintervale Packs series is here!
Book 4 of the Wintervale Packs

Jinelle Sutton has known from a young age that she is more than human. Chaos is a big part of her life and she’s learned to ball it up and hide it away from the world. Which isn’t too hard because she’s always been a bit weird. A high IQ and social awkwardness means she’s got very few friends. She longs for the day she doesn’t have to hide who she is. When she hears about a surrogate program with an alien shifter planet she jumps at the chance. After all, who to better understand her than alien shifters?

Daeria is much more than she expects. Her new friends are also surrogates and have special abilities of their own. She feels like she belongs for the first time in her life. Then there are the four wolf shifters who each claim to be her mate.

The war that took so much from the Dearia shifters may have ended, but they’re still dealing with the aftermath. The evil that wants complete control over the planet seeks out a powerful relic that gives him anything he desires. It’s up to Jinelle, Harland, Turk, Seff, and Merric to find the relic before Xaxhin does. All the while, Jinelle’s powers grow stronger and more uncontrollable. Then again, when has¬†chaos ever been controlled?

Category : | Paranormal Ghost Romance, Paranormal Angel Romance, Psychic Romance

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