Uninvested – Bobby Monks

Uninvested - Bobby Monks

Uninvested – Bobby Monks
epub | 5.47 MB | English | Isbn:1591848199 |
Author: Bobby Monks | PAge: 168 | Year: 2015


Bobby Monks is blowing the whistle on Wall Street, giving middle class Americans the low down on how they’re being fleeced of their retirement money-and what they can do about it
Every month our financial statements arrive, and every month we glance at them, trying to understand, hoping that we’ll come out ahead. But most of us have no idea what’s really going on or the costs involved. According to Bobby Monks-who has been a banker and borrower, investor and entrepreneur-financial firms and money managers have complicated the investing process to keep us in the dark, profiting from our ignorance.
Having dealt with the financial sector throughout his career, Monks has seen it all. In Uninvested, he reveals how, when, and why the relationship between us and our money managers became corrupted-and what we can do to fix it. Monks shows how the system works not only against us as individuals but also against society at large. Without our…

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